The Prancing U-Boot

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One of the ways that German history is not like other European histories is that Germans consciously use it as a warning to act differently in the future. As the historian Michael Stürmer says, “for a long time in Germany, history was what must not be allowed to happen again”. This is very different from Britain or France, where most public engagement with history, in terms of monuments and memorials, is to honour valour and heroism, with little public recognition of any wrongdoing, or of follies that might have led to the wars in which the valour had to be demonstrated. What is striking about German war memorials is that they look forward not back - a characteristic clearly visible in their parliament building.
Neil MacGregor in yesterday’s Guardian Review, “Made in Germany” (via timeswhenlucywasright)

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Thomas & Jimmy | Downton Abbey S05E01

"Still, it's pathetic for a Lady to be pining over a footman."
"Excuse me! I think it shows very good taste."