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Barbara - Göttingen

In 1964 Barbara was invited by Gunther Klein, director of the Jungen Theater in Göttingen for a performance. At first she refused, with her Jewish background in her mind, but not knowing why, the next day she agreed. The one performance became eight and there she wrote the first simple version of her famous “Göttingen”, which she completed in Paris. A song symbolic dedicated to children in Paris and Göttingen and wishing there will be no more bloodshed and hatred, referring to the war. A love affair she discovered unexpectedly in herself for the people in Göttingen.

This simple song is said to have contributed more to German-French reconciliation than any speech of a politician. On the 40-years-jubilee of the Elysée agreement ex-chancellor Schröder quoted from this text in his official speech in the Château de Versailles.

Tranlated lyrics

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